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Snare Drum
The Percussionist's Workbook

A resource for percussionists and educators

Jared Morris and Jed Blodgett

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The Percussionist's Workbook was designed for the percussion classroom but has since been adapted for use in the concert band or private lesson. It provides a thorough and systematic series of musical benchmarks that will take the young percussionist from their first etude to the college audition. Unlike many percussion methods available today, The Percussionist's Workbook focuses on introducing new concepts through high-quality literature. The workbook develops proficiency on keyboard, snare drum, and timpani. Each section corresponds with the others to provide a thorough, well-balanced structure.

"I use The Percussionist's Workbook daily with my advanced percussion students...Being a non-percussionist myself it gives me a scope of what needs to be taught. I feel much better equipped to give my students the quality and comprehensive instruction that they deserve"
- Chris Lyon, Elk Ridge MS
Purchase of The Percussionist's Workbook includes title pages, pacing guide, and over 100 pages of musical exercises and etudes, all available for immediate download. Purchase for individual use or classroom use, which authorizes you to copy and print as needed for educational purposes.
Individual Use - $40
Classroom Use - $100
Available for immediate pdf download.
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